Patient Photo Gallery

In all cosmetic and plastic surgery practices, as well as most other practices, monitoring the photographic records of your patients is vital.

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With the DoxCity Photo Gallery, importing pictures directly from a file or digital camera is easy. Manipulate images by resizing, rotating, or flipping them for print or email, all directly from the system.

Track the progress of your patients by viewing their pictures in a single split-screen for side by side comparison of before and after.

computerized patient record system

"Patient Photo Gallery" is a unique feature that allows you to compile a photo album for each patient. Every picture within an album can be dated, categorized under specified headings, and include a description. Create your own picture portfolio to store selected images separately.

The DoxCity System provides the most comprehensive organization of all your photographic records in an accessible database.

*Please note that this features is only available with the Cosmetic Edition of DoxCity.